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Ways to increase sales using email marketing

Ways to increase sales using email marketing

How to improve email marketing and email marketing automation

What is “email marketing?”

Email marketing is a marketing technique that involves sending commercial messages by email for the purpose of generating sales. Email marketing can be as simple as notifying a user that they have not completed an online purchase that they started on a website (abandoned cart recapture), or part of a sophisticated sales funnel in which a number of emails are sent over time based on user behavior to educate a prospect on the features and benefits of a product (lead nurturing). Emails can also be part of a branding and awareness strategy to help keep a business top-of-mind during long sales cycles or to help encourage repeat buys.

Email marketing is one of the earliest forms of Internet marketing and it remains at the top of most businesses’ marketing strategies because of its overall low cost and high ROI. US-based businesses, on average, enjoy a 4100% return on investment from email marketing efforts.

Let’s look at a few reasons why email marketing is so critical for your company:

Email marketing aids in the development of partnerships and reputation

People like to do business with people they are familiar with, want, and trust. Email marketing is more intimate and customized than social media marketing since it is direct. People can easily contact you via email with their questions.

Email is a simple way to assess its effectiveness.

You’ll need evidence to show the value of email marketing or some other online marketing tactic. Data is one of the most effective ways to show that a strategy succeeds because it offers an aim evaluation of the campaigns‘ performance.

Email marketing is low-cost.

Email is a low-cost way to contact people who want to hear from you and communicate with you daily.

Email is a great way to get people to your website.

Email marketing will help you draw more traffic to your website while also allowing you to monitor which aspects of your site and marketing generate the most attention.

How to improve your email marketing efforts

Retailers will also use email marketing in innovative ways to attract new clients and keeping loyal ones. To help you improve revenue and engage with your clients, we looked at industry best practices—from personalizing your tweets to collecting email addresses.

  1. Make your emails more personal.

Personalization in email marketing has come a long way from those early attempts, as exciting as it might have been to have an organization interacting with us individually.

Brands will also offer hyper-tailored email marketing content based on insights gleaned from customer activity such as web searches.

Demographic data, such as the customers’ age, gender, and location, is another type of data that can create interactive email content.

  1. Build your subscriber list

You must cultivate a list of subscribers who can interact with your material. When you don’t attract new subscribers, your existing subscribers will unsubscribe or avoid interacting with your material, and your promotions will easily go from good to stale. Instead, have a subscriber box on your website, a subscriber icon during the checkout process, and a request on social media for your social media followers to join your email marketing list. This way, you’ll have a steady stream of subscribers to interact with.

3.      Make sure content is mobile-friendly

As the popularity of smartphones has grown, so needs for businesses to send emails that can read on a variety of devices. Sensitive email design, which dynamically adjusts the type of your emails to accommodate the system being used, is one way to ensure that your emails interact with your client base.

4.      Segment emails by customer base

Why not use the data to help you boost sales? Most stores already have a lot of knowledge about their clients. You will tailor your email marketing correspondence based on your users’ buying experience by adding customer relationship management (CRM) data into your email marketing activities.

  1. Create an email calendar

As your email subscriber list expands to where you can’t recall who’s on it, it’s time to build an email calendar so you can set out your email strategies, highlighting who should receive them and what they should include. Plan emails and produce content ahead of time. Spend time on improving your website’s conversion rate to further improve email marketing effectiveness.

6.      Include video

To stand out in today’s fast-paced world of overflowing inboxes, marketers must get innovative with their email marketing material. Using video in email marketing campaigns is one engaging way to do so.


The benefits of email marketing may not seem to dwindle. The format enables marketers to build relationships with their customers while simultaneously providing them with purchasing options. Simply put, email allows you to connect with interested consumers free of the noise and congestion that typically accompanies social media sites.

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